About the Club

Welcome to the Functional Molecular Evolution Journal Club at the University of Chicago.

Who is invited: Students, faculty, postdocs, and others who are interested the molecular genetic basis of functional/phenotypic evolution.

Your hosts: The faculty hosts are Joe Thornton and Vinny Lynch.  The student organizer is Mo Siddiq.

When: Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30 pm

Where: Chicago – Lillie Room, Zoology building, 2nd floor

Why: Many scientists and students at the University of Chicago work on functional aspects of molecular evolution. We have interactive, engaging, informal discussions with each other about scientific developments in our field. We discuss papers that investigate the molecular basis for the evolution of phenotypes and functions in order to understand fundamental issues about evolutionary processes. This wide-ranging theme embraces work in evo-devo, evolutionary physiology, evolutionary biochemistry, evolutionary cell biology, molecular host-pathogen evolution, experimental evolution, and protein evolution.

How papers are chosen: Presenters should choose from the list of potential papers, which is curated by the organizers. Anyone can and should (please!) suggest new papers to add to the list by sending an email to one of the organizers.

This website: This blog is the repository of information for the club. The links in the menu bar allow you to access the journal club master schedule, the list of potential papers to read in the future, and the papers we read in the past. The schedule includes links to the papers we will read, as well as related papers or commentary.

Click on the “follow” button at the bottom of this page to receive notifications when papers are selected, the schedule updated, etc.

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